Quality WBT Course Catalog

Quality WBT currently offers the following courses:

*CEU = Continuing Education Unit
Internal Auditing Basics 20 [M] Ed.Auditing1.090 days$209.00 SyllabusDescription
Continual Improvement Assessment (CIA) 20[M] EdAuditing1.090 days$219.00 SyllabusDescription
Improvement Tools and Techniques 20[M] Ed.Auditing0.890 days$189.00 SyllabusDescription
Auditing (CQA) Fundamentals I: 20[M] Ed.Auditing0.890 days$209.00 SyllabusDescription
Auditing (CQA) Fundamentals II: 20[M] Ed.Auditing0.990 days$209.00 SyllabusDescription
eAuditing Fundamentals: Virtual Communication and Remote Auditing: 20[M] Ed.Auditing0.590 days$159.00 SyllabusDescription
Auditing (CQA) Fundamentals III: 20[M] Ed.Auditing0.890 days$209.00 SyllabusDescription
Process Auditing Techniques 20[M] Ed.Auditing0.890 days$199.00 SyllabusDescription
Basic (Communication) Skills Used in Auditing 20[M] EdAuditing0.190 days$0.00 SyllabusDescription
Internal Auditing Basics 20 [M] Ed. USAFAuditing1.090 days$899.00 SyllabusDescription
Administrative FeeGeneral0.01 days$50.00 SyllabusDescription
ISO Lesson Guide: 9001-2015 Made Easy 20[M] Ed.Standards0.590 days$169.00 SyllabusDescription
ISO 13485 Requirements from A to Z 20[M] EdStandards2180 days$429.00 SyllabusDescription
Identifying Environmental Aspects - Impacts 20[M]Standards1.2180 days$279.00 SyllabusDescription
Quality Management Systems (QMS) Concepts and Controls for ISO 9001:2015 20[M]Standards0.590 days$189.00 SyllabusDescription
ISO 9001:2015 Comprehensive Transition Training 20 [Ms] Ed.Standards0.690 days$339.00 SyllabusDescription
ISO 14001 Requirements from A to Z 20[M] Ed.Standards1.2180 days$409.00 SyllabusDescription
ISO 9001:2015 Requirements from A to Z 20 [Mf] Ed.Standards1.8180 days$429.00 SyllabusDescription
Document: ISO 9001 2008 to 2015 Gap Analysis Transition Checklist - [Editable]/15Standards07 days$98.00 SyllabusDescription
Document: ISO 9001:2008 Checklist - [Editable]/09AStandards090 days$39.90 SyllabusDescription
Management Briefing for Transitioning to ISO 9001:2015-strategic-tactical thinkingStandards0.190 days$109.00 SyllabusDescription
Root Cause Analysis 20[M] Ed.Tools1.4180 days$329.00 SyllabusDescription
Measuring & Managing Customer Satisfaction 20[M] EdTools0.9180 days$209.00 SyllabusDescription
Measurement System Analysis (MSA) for Beginners 20[M] Ed.Tools0.790 days$159.00 SyllabusDescription
FMEA for Beginners: Taking Preventive Action 20[M] Ed.Tools0.590 days$169.00 SyllabusDescription
Measuring Process & Organizational Performance 20[M] Ed.Tools0.890 days$269.00 SyllabusDescription